Office hours

There will be two types of office hours in this course. Both will be held in GITC 3803.

Open office hours

These will be Thursdays, 2–3 PM.

  • These are unscheduled, so please come without any prior notice.
  • If multiple people show up, I will try to accommodate everyone, for example by answering questions in a group or focusing on topics that the plurality of those in attendance are interested in.
  • If you have a question about course topics or assignments or anything else you think might be of interest to others, please try to come to these office hours.

Individual office hours

These will be Mondays, 2–3 PM, in 15-minute slots.
To reserve a slot, follow this link.

  • These office hours are for questions you’re more comfortable discussing one-on-one, such as grading issues, career advice, etc.
  • I’ll prioritize anyone who has a reservation, but if a slot is unscheduled, I’ll treat it like the open office hours above (so come on by!).