Why join?

General reasons

Why pursue research?

Research can be extremely rewarding because you have freedom to figure out what are the problems that need to be solved and how to go about doing it.

Why study usable security?

Security and privacy are among the most important problems of the digital age, and they affect everyone. By studying them from a human angle, we get to understand the social and psychological factors and develop practical solutions for making people’s lives better.

Why come to NJIT? (if you’re not already here)

NJIT is an R1 university dedicated to growing its research stature while continuing to center its core mission of teaching. NJIT’s College of Computing incorporates research in computer science, data science, and informatics, and is growing in all areas. There are several researchers in cybersecurity and human-computer interaction, providing for many collaboration opportunities.

NJIT is in Newark, New Jersey’s largest city. It’s conveniently located in the New York City metropolitan area — a 22-minute PATH train ride away from Manhattan, but also accessible from more suburban areas.

Why work with me?

As an early-career faculty, I have lots of exciting new ideas for projects, and you will be able to work on them with me more closely, receiving much more individual attention, than you would at a larger, more hierarchical lab.

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image of Eberhardt Hall at NJIT